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How to Order Your Kitchen Cabinets

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How to Order

Written Instructions are found below the video.

How to Order Your Kitchen Cabinets



1. Once you are on the website, you can proceed to “Shop Cabinets,” “Shop Pantries,” or “Shop Accessories” under the Cabinets Tab on the menu bar.

2. You will see the variety of styles and colors available for our kitchen cabinets. Select which color style you prefer to continue.

3. Once you have entered the product page, you can scroll down to learn more about the features, and construction of your kitchen cabinets.

4. There is a list of different cabinet designs for that specific color below, checkmark and select the variation of cabinet size. If there is only one size, then you only have to click the checkmark.

5. Once you have added the style, size, and quantity of the cabinets, you can click “add to cart” at the very bottom of the page.

6. In situations where you need the same style of cabinet, but various sizes, once you add the first set of cabinets to your cart, you can refresh the page, deselect what you don’t need, and select the other variation. Then you can add it to the cart.

7. You can view your cart at any time and can make adjustments by clicking on the cart icon on the menu bar.

8. The same steps above are included with the pantries and accessories. Note: Make sure when you order pantries, they come in two parts, a top, and a bottom. Make sure to order both a top and a bottom when ordering.


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